A little about me


Dancing to me:

If you're really want to hear what I have to say, Listen to me dance!


From early on, 

Fadayz had dreams of helping others realize their full potential through self expression.  

His drive began in the foster care system of Connecticut as a child in need of a positive outlet. 

However, it seemed impossible at times with the options given.

Watching your mom being tossed around can set something off in you 

that forces you to become stronger, 

to protect those you love. 

Group homes and detention centers did just that

along with a few grudge matches with the men mom brought home,

frustration becomes your teacher 

and anger your sword.

Fighting becomes your daily chore.

Laughter was never on the table for discussion.

Especially in the winter having no heat, hot water or electricity.

School was no different.

Getting joked on for not having the latest and greatest.

Moving from place to place only added to the bullying. 

I learned early on that reinforcements were not coming. Instead, what I got was just more teachers telling me I would never amount to anything.

One teacher though, showed me how to build a cardboard battle ship.

It meant everything to me.

I never got to finish the ship due to being transported every few weeks.

Growing up the only mentor I had was the streets.

Every relationship I had was a paper bridge.

The most dangerous thing in the would is a street kid with no purpose, no outlet, no parents.

Not having a connection separates you from yourself and others.

If it wasn’t for my grandmother taking me out of the system and introducing to a school that was hardcore about b.ball,

I’m sure I would have become what everyone expected, dead or locked up.

Street culture in the forms of dancing, emcee’ing, dj’ing, graffiti artists, etc.. has saved my own as well as many lives and yet…it still continues to be down played .

This is why I don’t get why there are no schools

 for the youth?

So instead of just talking the talk,

I have been walking the walk for 25 years.

Being that I am a dark skinned male 

who has never been to college,

the road will be 100 times harder.

Good thing my years of training growing up built me for the journey at hand.

Emcee'ing, graft, dance & djing saved my life.

They gave me the tools to build a foundation when I was lost.

Entering into dance competitions kept me away from drugs

and stopped me from making really bad decisions.

It showed me that even I can be the best at something if I trained hard enough.

Being self taught is no easy task.

This is why I have devoted my life 

to building a school for the creative.

This school will cover everything that one needs to know about true street culture, and more.

What was an idea in 1992

What was a concept in 1995

became a reality in 1997

then in 2000 the reality became a job

in 2005 it became an event

2006 a business

2015 a store front

Now it's time to plant real seeds by building a community from scratch.

The goal is to turn the S.E.C. into a non profit. 

3000 sq feet of non profit to be exact.

Although it won’t be the space that motivates and inspires millions to come,

it will be the 

training that brings all from every corner of the globe to share, trade and grow together as one.

Turning hardships into great habits,

creating constant elevation

all the while feeding your soul purpose.

The greatest victory in life is

overcoming your fate,

creating your own destiny.

When it comes down to it, foundation is everything

My training has been intense, now let’s see what one can do with such training in today’s world.