Body Isolations session

Street style poppin, well that's just what it is. if you’re looking to gain endurance so you can dance or battle all night…This is the session for you!

This session happens every Wednesday

from 7:30-8:30pm

Investment $15

Session lead by Fadayz

All are welcome...

Lean how to master how your body moves through breathing techniques.

Go beyond basic moves everyone else is doing. I can show you how to speak the language of Street Dance.

“Fadayz is an accomplished street dancer, DJ and motivational speaker.  His experience with dance, particularly popping and street dance stretches back to the early days of his youth, where he found his niche' on the streets of Hartford, CT.  Fadayz has won every street dance competition in the state of Massachusetts, and currently offers his talents via formal classes and workshops around Boston, and most recently at his own studio, The Self Expression Center in Somerville, MA. His engaging demeanor and easy smile can be seen on hundreds of his videos on Youtube, and his students are loyal fans and friends alike.  Fadayz believes in long tradition of dance bringing people together, from all walks of life, to form a community of sharing and self expression.”

Class Description:

“Street style poppin is a fun and popular dance form that fosters self expression, confidence and freedom of movement.  Another form of nonverbal communication,  you can learn to “speak on the beat”.

Through various breathing and movement techniques, we will turn your “moves” into “movement”.  This supportive and guided class will help you release the stress of your busy days and take you out of your head and into your body. “