DJ Fadayz


Dj-ing to me:

"That one thing that brings people
of all walks of life together, even if it's for one song"


"I thought Fadayz was a great wedding DJ! He got the people dancing and he handled the kids very well. A lot of people would have gotten upset at the kids around his equipment all night but instead he let them participate. He has a lot of patience and even took some opportunities to teach them how his equipment works.
Fadayz has a great presence that isn't annoying or bossy like some DJs, but he does inspire people to have fun and loosen up. His personal dance session in the middle was awesome as well. Highly recommend" Fadayz!

Dave L .


Job -vs- Art!

If you do anything that has you looking at your watch or phone waiting to get out of the gig, that’s work. Now if you’re someplace and the party is jumpin and everyone is feeling that moment and all you want to do is keep that feeling going, that’s art!!!!!

Can your DJ dance?

When it comes to DJ’ing, it’s always been about setting myself apart from everyone else, not for the competitive part, but just to show the crowd that I am truly into what I do. I have been to a lot of events and I have never seen a DJ come from behind the table and get down. I’m not talking about a paint by numbers routine, I’m talking about really tearing up the floor and getting the people to understand that’s it’s a real party going on, real time and they need to join in and celebrate!!!

DJ-vs-Person w/ equipment:

When shopping around for a DJ, there are a few key things you should keep in mind. You will find two types of “DJs” out there. A real DJ won’t just play what is current on the radio. Instead, they will study the crowd and get a feel for the vibe. In contrast, someone with equipment looking to make a quick buck will just download what’s current, press play and let the music do its thing. When you hire someone who puts time into their craft remember one thing above all else….

you get what you pay for!


DJ Fadayz provides an experience like no other. The “Dancing DJ”, as he has come to be known, will hype up any kid’s function. By combining age appropriate music selections with interactive dancing, DJ Fadayz takes any event to the next level. His competitive-level style of dance includes poppin’, bboying, reggae and street and is sure to bring even the most reluctant party goer onto the floor to join in on the fun! Bonus! For every kid’s event that you book with us, get a free adult personal training class for the parents and a free kid’s group dance class for your child and 10 friends.


Fadayz understands the importance of professionalism when choosing a DJ for your special day. As owner of The Self Expression Center in Somerville, MA, DJ Fadayz knows how to make your wedding unique, memorable and catered to your specifications. As a competitive-level dancer in poppin’, bboying and reggae, DJ Fadayz can get your guests out on the dance floor like no other DJ. Professionalism, a full library of music to suit all of your requests and the ability to get your guests out of their seats will make for a wedding reception people will be talking about for years to come! To Fadayz, being a part of your wedding is like being a part of a new adventure, an honor and not just a gig. Bonus! For every wedding package that you book, get 4 free dance classes for the bride and groom! (Pick 4 classes over the course of one month, Tuesdays and Thursdays)


OTHER EVENTS ( GRADUATIONS, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, CORPORATE EVENTS, CLUBS, BARS, BOAT PARTIES, ETC ) Looking for more than just a run of the mill DJ to liven up your party or event? You’ve come to the right place! DJ Fadayz is truly one of a kind at his craft, tying in a vast music library with competitive-level dance skills in poppin’, bboying and reggae. A DJ that truly brings the party with him, Fadayz can hype up any crowd and get them onto the dance floor ready to party! Bonus! For every event that you book with us, get a free personal training class or dance class of your choosing! For more information and pricing contact Fadayz today!


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