Forging the sword!

Growing up the way I did gave me a broader perspective on many things.

For a long time I took what happened to me as a punishment 

and as I gained information through the years, I realized that

I could utilize all that I had gone through for good.

The idea of using my difficult childhood to help others brought light to my darkness.

People are not the enemy.

Assumptions and ignorance is.

I plan to turn these paper bridges into a solid foundation we can all learn from.

Here's the idea!

Turn the current center into a school for the creative

where all walks of life can exchange their experiences and become stronger for themselves and those around them.

The space I have in mind will be a 3000 sq ft space filled with all the tools one may need for their amazing journey through life.

There will be workshops,



all kinds of events,


some tears.

Imagine the possibilities when we share all that we have learned along the way with others just starting to branch out into the world! The head start we could give them. All the gems we could bless them with.

And yes, I know parents are the ones that are supposed to guide their children

and yet there are still kids taking the wrong roads 

doing drugs,


and so on….

This space will provide the bridge that connects families through communication to the open highway of life's possibilities.