Mac’s Kid’s Jam 12.17.17

Mac's Kids Jam is more than just an event for kids to just dance, its a family lifestyle. We always have our doors open for new and returning kids to join in the fun activities at Macs Kids Jam. Even if there is Just one child there we will still treat them as if there is 1,000 kids there. All children matter. With consistent team work we can make this event world wide. With the right sponsors and simply  support from families showing up we can make this the super bowl for kids. I cant do this alone( i already tried actually). You will be part of something big in your life. I never forget the people who support! I have even given my rent money for this event! It means that much to me. I will continue to work to make it better for our children but it can only be great with your support. Thank you and I hope to see you at the next Kids jam on the calendar.


Mac's Kid's JAM!