S.E Retreats #6 (12.17.17)

Self Expression Retreat #6


6pm to 9pm

$20 investment to creating better habits.

6-6:15 meet & greet
6:15-6:25 Meditation circle w/ Fadayz
6:25-6:30 Opening remarks by Fadayz
6:30- 7:00 Are you happy 
7:00-7:30 Where are you going?
How can we Motivate each other to get there?
7:30-8:00 Sample workout session w/ Fadayz
8:00-8:30 Sample dance session w/ Fadayz
8:30-8:40 Closing meditation session 
8:40-8:50 Brain storming for the next retreat.

Retreat Number#5




Retreat #1 (The idea)

As we all know.

Building something from nothing is no simple task. There are many moving parts...and one of the most important parts is support.Yesterday I learned a great many things and I hope all who took the time to show up did the same.

I am committed to this dream! 

So I thank you all for showing up the day after a big holiday and sharing. 

The seeds planted are beginning to take form because of your energy.

There have been five retreats thus far. The first of which was an away retreat held in Rhode Island. The other three happened at the Self Expression Headquarters. These events are meant to bring all shapes, shades and backgrounds under one umbrella so that we can communicate without the media- conditioning breaking our frequency. This is where we all come together to speak,listen & grow as one. The session begins with a short meet & greet which is followed by a small meditation circle and then the communicating starts. In order to start a community I need those who are willing to build to so up. I hope to see you at session #6