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The Idea:
The Action!

"Never could I have imagined the presence and impact that Fadayz would have on a group of impressionable middle school boys. They gained confidence, a sense of self and the ability to express themselves through movement and music. What a gift he has to connect with anyone at any age. The parents were jealous that there wasn’t a class for them! I’m psyched to continue our partnership and hope folks understand the impact that a person like Fadayz can have on a community!"

Instructor, 2012-14, 2017/18 Margot Petler, MS, CPRP Assistant Director Newburyport Youth Services

"Fadayz brought his incredible talent and enthusiasm to our Concord Public Schools' Teen Buddy mentoring program in January. His ability to connect with our children, ages 7 - 17, was phenomenal. His approach to instructional leadership, was to meet each child where they felt comfortable, and gently nudge them a little bit further out of their comfort zone.
He did this safely and artfully. His infectious smile and ability to be a role model for the children demonstrated how he was able to take his passion for dance, music and self-expression to bring people together, for deeper interconnectedness. Great program!
And the kids had a blast! So did the adults!"

Julee Vitello, M.Ed., C.A.G.S.Concord Teen Buddy Program

Concord Public Schools/


Whether he is teaching kids dance, making “beats” or using any of his other talents Fadayz always promotes self-expression which can stimulate kids self-confidence and growth while having a lot of FUN!  His genuine caring for kids also shines through.  He understands kids – he “gets” them – which allows him to really make a connection".

-Kim Hodder